Viber claims the first messaging platform with a 1 billion group capacity

Viber, one of the best messaging platform just claimed the number one company in the world to launch a messaging group that can allow 1 billion group members, I think that is cool?.  We aren’t sure yet about the group capacity but the company claims the their messaging app can accommodate as much as possible.

Viber users get the following new features.

  • Unlimited members: Communities are only limited to the amount of Viber users – one billion.
  • One tap joining: New members can join public communities by simply tapping on a link.
  • Entire chat history: Every new Community member will see the entire chat history when they join.
  • Pinned messages: Group admins can pin a message at the top of the chat for everyone to see.

There are already many Viber Communities up and running, including the digital content-lending service OverDrive that uses it to manage local book clubs run by public libraries across the United States.

If you own an Android or iOS device, the new Viber Communities should already be available in the latest version of the messaging app.


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