Using this phone cover power bank your phone would not get low again

So today on Techcribs we are going to be introduced to a phone cased power bank.


This is a power bank that you actually wear at the back of your phone so that when there is no more electricity your devices keep charging. The devices will get charged as soon as your phone reaches 100%. The power bank ranges from 2500MaH – 6000MaH

You can see the cover pack in the image below.

These are the advantages of the power bank

>>Your phone won’t get low because when light goes of the power bank starts it’s job by charging your devices.

>>You don’t need to charge the power bank because, as your phone get to 100%(percent) all current entering your phone will be directed to the power bank.

>>Its cheap to buy, it is available for 5-6 thousand naira.

Disadvantage of the power bank

>>The only disadvantage of the power bank is that your phone would get heavy.

The power bank is currently available in Nigeria stores.



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