Streaming or downloading: which is more brillant

When it comes to enjoying audio or video on your mobile device, you may be presented with an option regarding how to proceed: stream it or download it. Many  Nigerians still believe that streaming consume more data than downloading, but that is now true.


The main reason why people complain that streaming consume their data is because they are using the wrong platform. Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook are designed for HD videos that is why they consume that much data, but if you are downloading from a trusted website ,you will be asked to  select the file size use 240p and stream live in the same 240p it would consume the same data.

Another thing you need to understand is that the size of the file itself is often the same regardless of whether you stream it or download it, as long as it is offered with the same level of quality for both selections. For example, if an MP3 of a song is 3.5 MB, that fact doesn’t change whether you download it or stream it.

However, certain options may differ depending on available quality. If you have the option of streaming a video at 480p but can download it at 720p, the 720p file will be larger than the 480p counterpart. This means it takes more data to download the 720p file than stream the 480p version.






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