PUMA flaunts it’s classic high-tech smart-shoe

Today, in this our generation smart wears company have pushed themselves a bit too high by introducing technology into their products. PUMA unveiled a smart shoe named  “Puma’s RS-Computer “.

This shoe uses Bluetooth to send information to an Android or iOS app (albeit one that nods to the original 8-bit software.)

You still need to insert a cable, but this time it’s a USB connection to charge the shoe’s lithium-polymer battery.

The image above show another design of the same product

Not surprisingly, this isn’t going to be a mass-produced shoe — in fact, this could make Nike’s HyperAdapt seem commonplace. Puma is making just 86 pairs available worldwide on December 13th through its website, Kith and certain retail stores in Berlin, London and Tokyo. Ironically, that rarity could lead to many owners refusing to try the shoe’s marquee feature.


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