Nubia unveils the first smartphone with dual screen. (Video)

Chinese smartphone company Nubia just launched a new smartphone with dual screen. This was originally announced in year 2018 and published in year 2019.

The phone is unique because the Nubia X has two screens one on the front, and a second on the back for setting up the perfect selfie.
The Nubia X comes equipped with a primary 6.3-inch LCD display and a secondary, rear-facing 5.1-inch OLED. The second display eliminates the need for the front camera found on most phones, which is usually technically inferior and embedded in an unsightly notch — think Apple iPhone XS and Google Pixel 3 XL. When you flip the Nubia X around, the second display activates and boom, there’s your dedicated viewfinder for selfies.

Adekiya joscor

Adekiya joscor

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