How to share your phone internet connection to your PC via USB cords

Sharing your phone Internet connection to your PC via cords is called USB tethering. This method is fast and more secured than WiFi and portable hotspots, but people still prefer to use the WiFi and hotspots.

       Advantage of USB tethering.

wireless network such as WiFi van be hacked but cord transfer is more secured and can’t be hacked. So to use USB tethering all you need is to follow the steps below.

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  • Get your android phone connected to your PC using your USB cord.
    A dialogue box will be displayed to you after inserting your cord to your PC, asking you to connect as either a media device, for charging/debugging.
  • Select “debugging” but in some android devices its may be “media device”
  • either choose “debugging” or “media device” depending on what pops out.


  • Now locate setting under your android phone, tap on more as in the image below,then locate tethering and portable hotspot, then find USB tethering and activate it.

  • Once it’s fully activated, the network icon should appear on your task bar( below your computer were icons are being placed) showing connectivity.

  • You can start using the web via USB cord

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