How to set password to WhatsApp chats

To-day I believe that the sensor fingerprint fingerprint can not be missing in my mobile. Yes, this inclusion which became so popular thanks to Apple (sometimes these also do good things), it is imperative in my day-to-day as they allow me to have a great security in my mobile and a possibility of unlocking fast and accurate.

The fingerprint reader of my Samsung Galaxy S7 works really well but there are things that Android can’t block serial. The footprint on Android only allows us to lock the phone (lock screen) or the mobile payments and payments in Google Play, but does not allow us to assign a lock to applications such as WhatsApp. The truth is that I don’t leave the mobile to other people often and perhaps that is why you do not feel the need to block an application such as WhatsApp but yes it is true that many users have asked us about how to lock WhatsApp with the finger sensor. Until now we had already done some tutorial to set password to WhatsApp but to assign the fingerprint reader as a lock is more convenient and faster to open the application.

Proteger aplicaciones con huella en Android

How lock WhatsApp with the fingerprint?

To assign the fingerprint reader as a lock for WhatsApp we need a third-party application, an application called FingerSecurity that allows us to configure the lock fingerprint for the application of WhatsApp, but also allows us to assign this block to the Gallery, contacts or other applications.

FingerSecurity is an app completely free of charge so no one will have problem to download it. Only do you need to have Android 4.3 or a higher version. In addition to the protection by fingerprint, this application also allows us to configure an alternate access with password or PIN code and even activate a timer for the automatic lock is activated after you pass a certain amount of time, you’re not going to have to be blocking and unblocking the application to every second, if you’re holding a conversation the most normal thing is that the lock is revoked by the moment.

Its use is very simple, in the tab Apps we add the applications that you want to block and in the Settings we configure how we want to apply locks. Obviously we can also protect this application to not uninstall or on the contrary anyone will be able to delete it if you have the phone unlocked and cancel all the locks.

WP-Appbox: FingerSecurity (Free*, Google Play) ?

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