How to see if your messages have been delivered via android phones

Today I am going to teach you how to use a particular feature that is available on WhatsApp for your normal phone messages. After following the steps below you  will now get notifications if the person you sent a message to have went through it or not, I think this is good. So follow the steps below to catch up.

  • So locate the last message you just sent via the messaging app of your android phone . tap on menu (that is the 3 dots) locate menu and tap.
  • After tapping menu scroll down a little bit and locate  settings or advance setting, the location of the advance setting depends on your android version and your android manufacturer’s but all you just have to do is to locate advance settings.
  • After tapping advance settings scroll down a little bit and locate delivery report as in the image directly below.
  • Select the sim that you want to be receiving notifications.
  • After following all this steps you can now know if another person have read your message, you will start seeing notifications

Adekiya joscor

Adekiya joscor

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