How to prolong the life of your battery

Today we had gathered for you how to prolong your battery life. Try to adapt the following methods.

see all apps draining your battery.

To increase the battery capacity of your phone just follow this step.
Move to setting of your android device, tap on battey and you will sew all use and unused apps. So the best thing for you to do is to uninstall all unused apps that drain your battery secretly.


Almost all android device comes with ultra power saver’s or Extreme power saving apps depending on the device. Phone like tecno comes with ultra power saver while Gionee phone comes with extreme modes. The mode limit you to only texting/receiving mesaages, dail/receive .If your android device does not have kindly go to google play to install one.

Updates your apps and turn off radio hardware’s.

If your apps are not updated you ur battery will drain fast cause applications often get updated to use less battery power, check for app updates, go to Google play store or other APK store to update your apps. You can also turn off all radio hardware’s which include WiFi, hotspots, Bluetooth and GPS (location). It will increase the usage of your battery.

Turn down brightness.

You can also use this method by lowering the brightness of your device and cancel auto brighten.

Remove unused widget from screen/ stop apps running in background.

Remove all unused app from screen to boost battery performance. To stop some apps running in the background. Go to setting and tap Apps, you will see the list of your currently running apps. .
So follow the steps above to get your phone battery life back to normal



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