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I started blogging late last year using a free wordpress platform, but the passion for blogging make me have own custom domain earlier this year. I  know what I have made through blogging and its achievements. If you are looking for great ideas on how to boost your website traffic and how to gain from it. Simply follow the simple and explanatory steps below.


Many blogs don’t have high DA, so their post don’t rank high on Google, Bing and other search engines. Websites like Nairaland, Quora, and Medium have high rankings on Google. Instead of you publishing your posts on your blog and waiting for readers to come via search engine, add your posts on site with high DA and include your post SOURCE URL. Do not write underrated posts on forums, write posts that are worthy of forum’s FRONT PAGE and receive maximum backlinks for life. Your traffic level will rank high.


Another way to increase your web traffic is planning your way to be a news publisher. So what are news publishers? News publishers are app and apps in which you submit your site feed to get indexed and gain massive traffic form you blog posts.

Example of news publishes to submit RSS feed include NEWSNOW, NEWS360, GOOGLE NEWS, OPERA NEWS.

Example of news publisher that that don’t allow RSS feeds NAIJADAILES, NAIJABULLETIN, NAIRALAND,HACKERS NEWS.
So let’s take the publisher’s sites one after the other and how to apply for their publishers program.

GOOGLE NEWS: if you have a website and you are fully approved on Google news, your days of traffic hunting is over because any searched item on Google your website URL will be number one before displaying other sites in the searched result.
To get on Google news your website must have the following.

  • Create a separate category on your site for exclusive news content.
  • Make sure your template shows the authors image and name.
  • Have multiple author accounts on your blog.
  • Make sure your contact address is on your contact page.
  • Have an Authors page.
  • Create a Google Business Page.

To get on Google news simple fill this form via

NEWSNOW:if you are fully approved on NEWSNOW, you will gain referral traffic from the united states that is moist of your web traffic will come from the united states. To get approved you have to publish 10-15 posts, then send your request to and wait for about 90-100 days.

NEWS360: I am currently on NEWS360 and am really enjoying it. This is very easy to join all you just have to do is to have a company’s E-mail. Example of company E-mail is JOSCOR@TECHCRIBS.COM.NG after generating that from your C-panel, then send your request to

OPERA NEWS. Opera news is the biggest and the largest app for news publishers. Opera news is for both paid publishers and non-paid publishers. Paid publishers have a withdrawal threshold with they have to withdraw from the earning opera put on their articles. The main disadvantage of opera news is that, the visitors you get don’t come to you site directly so all ads on your website won’t be seen by your readers on opera news. To get your blog featured on opera news, send your request to –

After getting featured and following all this steps you site would be titled “motigbana”.


Adekiya joscor

Adekiya joscor

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