How to hack Wi-Fi signal without coding experience




Step 1-download wps-wpa tester from playstore by sangiorgi srl.(it’s on play store…yaaay!!)

Step 2- after installation, run it on your Android device….

Step 3- press the circle shaped refresh button a few times till names of a few wifi connection appear.

Step 4-tap on the wifi names which are green in color (the color will be in the left).

Step 5- select automatic pin testing( the first option). Do not change the settings of old and new method.. Do make sure it is on “ no root” and “new method.”

Step 6-wait for the magic to happen…. ( Maximum of 5–6 min)You can come out of the app if you want but let it run in the background.

Step 7-if it will be successful then a message will come in any screen saying “ success!”. You have now for into the wifi and the phone will remember the password. You can now optionally kill the app.



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