How to get unlimited whatsapp sub using your 9mobile sim

If you can access Whatsapp for free, over 20% of your data will be saved. And with Office VPN, all 9Mobile users can chat, send pictures,videos and media documents for free on WhatsApp, which is one of the most popular instant messengers in the world.

Office VPN is an easy to use app, you don’t need any special settings or manual configurations in order to use it. Just download the Application install, hit the Go button and you will be connected.

💥To enjoy this 9mobile free WhatsApp on Office VPN, you’ll need to fulfil these little requirements.

💠Your 9Mobile SIM (Etisalat NG SIM) with zero airtime and data balance.

💠 An Android Phone or tablet with stable 9Mobile 3G/4G network.

💠Whatsapp must be installed on your phone.


💠Well, we will be needing a VPN to use this, no special settings though.

Download Here[office VPN]

💠Launch the VPN app.

💠Tap on GO and wait for it connect. (It’ll automatically select a better performing server and connect you to it, depending on your location).

💠 When it’s connected, you can now use WhatsApp Messenger for free.

Hulla you can start enjoying whatsapp for free😊😁



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