How to extract music from a video without loosing the video



Hello techcribbers, today we are going to learn a new way to remove a music file from a video without loosing the video

Kindly follow the steps below
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💠kindly go to your file manager and look for the video you want to extract the music from. The file might be at the downloads, videos, camera or anywere you hid the video




💠Rename the file from. Mp4 to .mp3. and save it.



💠Now go to Your video player and play the original video. You will notice that the video will play fluently without any skipping or delaying. After confaming that the video file is not delected you can follow the step below.⬇




💠Go to your music player and refresh it then you will see the file of the music there. Play it and you will notice that the video play correctly. Thanks for reading.


📝 : it only works for Androids only




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