Follow these steps to apply for Guinness world records.

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✅Register for an account on the Guinness World Records website. Visit to register. Enter your title, name, date of birth, county, country, and email. You’ll also be prompted to create a password.
Write down the password you make somewhere so you don’t forget it later on.

✅Check your email inbox for an activation link. The email will be from the address “” Open the email and click on the activation link inside. You’ll be brought to your personal dashboard on the Guinness World Records website.
If you don’t receive the email right away, check your spam folder. If you use multiple email accounts, make sure that you are logged into the one you signed up with.

✅Click on the green “apply for a record” button on the middle of the page. You’ll be brought to the record application search page. The page allows you to search through a catalog of records that you can break.

✅Search for the record you’re applying for. Type in a key word into the search bar, then click the red “search” button. Use actual key words and not superlatives. For example, if you’re trying to break the record for walking down a runway in the highest high heels, search for “high heels” instead of “highest.”
If your record spans multiple topics, like high heels and walking, start with the more detailed one. In this case, it would be “high heels.”

✅Scroll through the list of breakable records and choose the one you want. Click on the blue “view record” button next to a record to see what the current record is that you’d have to break. Click the yellow “apply now” button when you’re ready to choose a record.

✅Meet the minimum requirement if you’re applying for a new record title. New record titles are records that have not yet been recognized by Guinness World Records. If you submit a new record title that meets all of the Guinness World Records standards and formatting criteria, they will establish a minimum, based on their research, that you must beat to officially have broken the new record.
For example, if you’re applying to break the record for the longest amount of time spent in a VR headset, Guinness World Records may do some research and say that 20 hours is an appropriate benchmark. You’ll have to beat that to claim the world record.

✅Avoid records that don’t meet the Guinness World Records formatting criteria. Every type of record, whether it has to do with food or art or extreme sports, has a specific format that needs to be followed. Guinness World Records will only accept records that follow the proper formatting.
For example, the record of most food served in X amount of time is formatted so that X can be 1 hour, 8 hours, 12 hours, or 24 hours. Therefore, if you submitted an application for the record of serving the most food in 15 hours, you wouldn’t be following the formatting criteria and your application would be rejected.
Visit to see a list of acceptable record formats.

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