Facebook messenger rolls out an unsend feature

Facebook messenger rolls out an unsend features which allow users to delect already sent messages like the WhatsApp features. A report from techcrunch reveals that the feature have been rolled out on the messenger app.

reported by TechCrunch, Facebook has started rolling out the unsend feature in its Messenger app in phased manner. The first wave of countries that will receive the feature include Colombia, Bolivia, Poland and Lithuania.

The feature will enable users to delete any message that they have sent mistakenly. In order to unsend a sent message users just have to hold on the message and then select the “Remove for Everyone” option. After this, the message will be deleted for both the sender and the recipient. However, Facebook will keep the message for sometime in order to review the message and report if they find something unethical or related to harassment.

I think this will help reduce the rate of public harassment

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