See all features that make whatsapp the best chatapp

Whatsapp as one of the best chatapp in nigeria has some updated features as listed below.

1. Hide particular contacts from viewing your story

Stories are a great way of expressing your mood and can be quite personal. If you don’t want to share them with all WhatsApp contacts, you can prohibit particular contacts from viewing your status updates or stories as they now stand.

  • Go to WhatsApp settings>> Account>> Privacy
  • Select Status>> ‘My contacts except’
  • Now select specific contacts you wish to avoid and tap the tick mark below.

You can also select “Only share with” option if you wish to share status updates only with a small number of specific contacts.

2. Read messages without being given away by Blue Ticks

If you wish to read a WhatsApp message without the sender knowing, there are a couple of ways you could do that.

  • You can disable blue ticks altogether(Settings>>Account>>Privacy>> uncheck Read Receipts), but then you won’t be able to see if others have read your message either.

  • You could read the message from the notification panel. To read multiple or long messages just tap and swipe down the notification in the notification panelto stretch it. This is more suited as a temporary measure for ultimately you will have to get rid of the notification for good.
  • Alternately, simply turn on AirPlane mode, read the message and then turn the Air Plane mode off. This way, you can read a particular message without disabling read receipts and without the sender knowing.

3. Delete message after you have sent them

This is one feature that WhatsApp added in late 2017. The App now allows you to unsend messages that you have already sent, but there is a catch. The feature works for messages sent in the last 7 minutes only.

Also, the delete message feature will be rendered ineffective, even within the 7-minute time frame, if someone has already quoted your message.

Update: Delete message duration has been extended to 1 Hour

  • Long press a message
  • Select delete for everyone.

4. Read deleted messages on WhatsApp

There is a way to read messages that your friends have deleted from their end. Just download a notification log app and grant access to read notification. This app will keep a log of all incoming notifications and will also come in handy when you wish to retrieve a notification you have accidentally swiped off.

5. Auto answer WhatsApp messages

If you use WhatsApp for professional reasons and wish to add an automatic reply message to WhatsApp conversations, there are several apps you can use to achieve that. One app you can try is Auto Reply for WhatsApp.

We have covered ways to accomplish the same in a separate article that you can refer too.

6. Auto-suggestions for WhatsApp Messages

You can also get auto-suggestions to quicly respond to incoming WhatsApp messages directly from the notification panel.

To do so, simply download Google Reply app and set it up. We have also made a separate post explaining the process. Now everytime you get a WhatsApp message, you will have the option to directly choose from a few relevant smart replies. Since Google is powering this feature, it will only get better with time.

7. Schedule WhatsApp messages

To schedule WhatsApp messages for groups or individual contacts, you can download Scheduler app for WhatsApp. After granting it Accessibility permission, you can fill in the required fields and schedule your message.

8. Delete images or videos from a particular WhatsApp group or contact

If a particular WhatsApp group or contact is hogging storage space, you can delete messages, chats, videos, and audio from a specific WhatsApp group.


  • Go to Settings>> ‘Data and Storage usage’
  • Select ‘Storage Usage’ and you will see all groups and contacts ranked according to the storage space they are hogging.
  • Select the group and tap on the ‘manage messages’ option at the bottom.
  • Now, select and clear whatever data (videos, GIFs, Photos, etc.) that you wish to get rid of.

9. Share Live location (Real Time)

You can now share live location with your contacts. The location is updated in real time and you can keep a tab on exact whereabouts of specific contacts. You can share location for 15 minutes, 1 Hour or 8 Hours straight.

  • To do so, just tap the attachment icon in the text input field.
  • Now select ‘location’ and then select ‘Share Live Location.

10. Limit data used by WhatsApp

To restrict the data consumed by the app, this is what you need to do.

Go to settings>>Data and Storage usage

From here you can decide what all media (Photos, videos, documents, audio) the app can download while eating your data.

11. Assign different priority and sound to different notifications.

WhatsApp has added support for ‘Notification Channels’, an Android Oreo feature that can be used to set priority for different types of notifications coming from the same app.

So, you can decide if you need group messages to pop up or not. You can also assign them a priority level to determine how often they make it to the notification panel. To avail the feature, you will need Android Oreo support. If you are running Android Oreo, just go to app info page (you can also do this by long pressing app notifications) and then select manage notification option.

You can also assign a different sound to different types of notifications from here.

12. Pin conversation or make shortcuts

If you wish to keep a particular contact or conversation on top. You can simply long press the conversation and select the Pin icon in the options menu that appears on top. You can also press the triple dot menu and select create shortcut option to place the conservation shortcut on the main page.

13. Mark messages to answer later

If you have read a message but wish to answer it later, you can simply long press the conversation head in the ‘Chat’ tab and select ‘mark as unread’ option.

This won’t erase ‘Blue ticks’ or read receipts but will mark the message with a bloated green dot that will serve as a reminder. You can later answer the text at your own volition.

14. Hide a WhatsApp chat

People whom you have recently talked to appear closer to the top in your WhatsApp chat list. If you don’t want a particular conversation to be conspicuous, you can hide it as “Archive”.

Just long press the conversation and select Archive button on the top. This particular chat will now disappear from the list. You can access is by scrolling all the way to the bottom.

15. Check exactly when a particular person read your Whatsapp message

Blue ticks notify you that your message has been read, but they don’t tell you when exactly your contact read the message. Here is how you can check the same:

  • Long press the particular message you wish to inquire about.
  • Now press the ‘i’ icon in the top bar and you will see when the person read your message.

16. Mark message and easily find them later

If you wish to mark and preserve interesting or important messages (Like address, phone numbers, reference numbers, important images, etc.) that you wish to refer to later, there is a way you can do that.

  • Just long press a message and tap the star icon in the top menu.
  • You can retrieve stared messages by tapping the triple dot menu icon on the home screen.

17. Format WhatsApp Messages: Change font, Bold, italics, strikethrough

You can also format fonts of your WhatsApp messages. To do so, just long press the portion of text you wish to format after typing it in the message input field. Now you will get the option to change format to bold, strikethrough, or italics. You can also ‘Monospace’ option to change the font.

Change phone number associated with your account.

You can manually format test as follows

  • *ABC* = ABC
  • _ABC_ = ABC
  • ~ABC~ = ABC

18. Quote messages

To quote WhatsApp messages, just long press a text message and select the backward arrow from the top menu. You can now enter your text here.

19. Transfer files between PC and Phone using WhatsApp

You can also transfer files between PC and mobile phone using Whatsapp.

  • First, send the file you wish to share with any contact
  • Now open WhatsApp web on your PC.
  • From here, you can download media or other file types from the chat window to your PC. Or upload a file and then access it on your phone.

20. Email your chat conversations

You can also email entire conversation with a contact. To do so, go to Settings>> Chat>> Chat History.

Now select the option to ‘Email Chat’. Select the conversation you wish to export (with or without media) and then complete the process using any email app of your choice. The Chat will be mailed as a .txt attachment.


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