A 32 year old Nigerian that produced electricity for it’s community

A 32 year old Nigerian, Augustine ogar who invented a hydro-powered machine to power the electricity of some part of his community WULA NIGERIA. WULA is a community that is undeverlop not to talk of having electricity.The size of the hydro electric powered machine is about 80cm by 22cm.
From Augustine , he said the system is designed by blocking one side and allowing water to flow in one direction producing a high kinectic energy to generate power when installed in the dam.
The kinetic energy that the dam creates hit and rotates the turbine in the hydro powered system which then rotates the alternator to produce electricity. The power is then circulated to homes via electric cables. The system is more active in dry seasons due to over flooding of the dam. He also said the project won’t cover all the communities but some house will get benefited from this project. This project is evergreen through out the year. You can download the video below for more clearance

Download video below.


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